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Pontins Past and Present

Osmington Bay

Following on from the opening success of his first camp at Brean Sands, it wasn't long before Fred Pontin started thinking about expansion. He had already decided that it was a more financially viable option to purchase small sites, compared to Sir Billy Butlin, who built large, and so returned to Leslie Dean to negotiate a price for his other camp at Osmington Bay. Osmington had recently been re-decorated and re-furbished, and as a result, the starting price for the camp was 50,000. However, after negotiations, Fred Pontin eventually purchased the site for 46,000. He was now running two holiday camps in his first season.


The site remained a popular choice for Pontins visitors for 46 years, but speculation for the future of the site grew in 1993, when the camp did not open for the season. It did, however re-open for 1994, but this would be the last season the camp would run as Pontins. By this time the Camp was covering 44 acres and consisted of 500 Chalets. The site remained closed for 5 years, as the local councils tried to decide what to do with it. Eventually, the site was sold in 1999 and was converted into a childrens activity centre, known today as a PGL activity course and holiday provider. Further information on PGL can be found at...

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 Past and Present


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The camp opened mearly a few weeks after Brean Sands, and consisted of 220 beds, which made it the larger of the two sites, with Brean Sands consisting of 198.The camp boasted the same full-board accommodation as Brean Sands, and its close proximity to Brean made the organisation easy to manage. The site itself settled down to a strong popularity, with visitors becoming loyal to the Pontin product. In terms of accommodation, the site stayed very much the same until Pontins revamped all sites with the traditional brick built chalets in the 1960's/70's


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